Illustration student with interest in photography & animation too.

”You wish me well, I wish you hell”

I don’t know why but that quote has been stuck in my head all day.
Tablo’s lylics as always are poetic, I really adore this man, he’s very talented and his english is amazing.

these are just some scans and photos of my way to the swirly-werly’s, I was afraid that I’m gonna ruin it with them but I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. well you can’t really read the quote but I like how it looks. In the next post I am going to put some texture experiments I did with this illustration.

The song itself is calm, slow hiphop? rap? idk. but it brings some memories, brings some nostalgia.

TABLO X TAEYANG eyes nose lips MV

it feels good to have my inspiration back c:

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